Download vector and .png versions of our logo and mark for certain users below. We ask you to respect our branding guidelines and not alter the logo in any way, shape, or form. Download all (ZIP format).


  • Use these files to refer to ThemeMockup,
  • Use these files when mentioning ThemeMockup in an article or in print,
  • Use these files to promote your ThemeMockup profile.
  • Recolor our logo


  • Change the logo proportions,
  • Alter the logo’s orientation. Make sure no type, design or photographic elements encroach on the logo.

How to write ThemeMockup

It’s pretty simple: ThemeMockup. The “T“, and “M” in ThemeMockup are always capitalized. “Theme” and “Mockup” are always together. Some examples of how to not spell ThemeMockup: Theme Mockup , thememockup, UI bundle, mockup theme, ThemesMockup.